Agency and Client Features

Find all the tools you need to run your SaaS Chatbot business from managing your clients and billing to visibility over your KPIs and analytics.

Agency Dashboard

Use our visual flow builder  designed specifically for agencies to create inspiring chatbots for clients and achieve higher productivity and significant growth

​​​Client Management and Billing
Streamline client management and automate monthly client billing using Stripe.
Get access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard to keep an eye on your KPIs in real-time.
​Create your own SaaS business and build your own brand using our white-labelling tools.
Get access to help articles on a variety of topics and access to our support completely free.

Client Chatbot

Add your branding and domain to create a completely white-labelled SaaS product offering to your clients. Your clients can sign up themself and create chatbots through a no-code chatbot builder.
​​Visual Flow Builder
​Streamline the process of creating flow by using a visual interface that allows you to connect conversations simply by dragging and dropping nodes.
​​Interactive Forms
​Create custom forms to and integrate them into the chatbot to automate lead generation and customer support processes.
​​Automated FAQs
​Automate your most frequently asked questions to provide fast responses to repetitive questions.

More Features

Check out all the customer integrations and receive an email notification of the customer chats
Live Chat
You can take control from the AI and talk to your customers directly through the dashboard.
​Connect your chatbot with your favourite tools and apps. Automate workflows and create awesome client experiences with Zapier and other channels.
​Client Support
We offer a number of services including setting up chatbots for your clients.

Integrate with your favourite platforms

We are available on your favourite website builders
Capture more leads
Chatbots can be a useful tool for generating leads by engaging with potential customers and collecting information about their interests and needs.
Automate support
Handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up human customer service representatives.

Everything you need to grow

Cross-sell Conversational AI chatbots to improve client conversion rates from online channels and build a new recurring monthly revenue.